Happy Children’s Day!

Happy Children’s Day to our Loving, Lovely and Lovable 17month Old Daughter, Olumoroti Olivia Ogunsiji. You’re the Light in my World, the Joy in my Heart and the Song in my Mouth.

I’ve removed and handed my Graduation Hat and Tassel as a Bestowal unto you as the next generation of our Family, the Harvard Class of 2033.

This past one year, you cried when you should though moderately, you ate and slept when you should too so I could make time to read and study. You’re smarter than your Age and you can run as fast as Usain Bolt.
When you scatter our House, it takes days to rearrange, YES, you’re a Force of Nature like that.

You never fall ill. You’re the Life of the Party, everyone says you’re so cute, people always want to carry, touch and hug you.
You take your Father’s Compassionate Spirit and my Drive to achieve the Extraordinary.
You’re a Storm of a Woman and I love you with all of Me.

May you be Great my Child.

Happy Children’s Day to all the Children of the World.
I love you All.