Some days, Chartered Flights.
Other Days, we trek short miles.
Some days, SUVs.
Other days, Keke Napep.
Some days, Okada too.
Been there, Done it all in the last one year of this Rigorous Assignment.
Life keeps moving. Whatever we need to do to get the Job done.
So @alaji_aj my brilliant and super enterprising Executive Keke Rider in Kano took me for a Ride last Night, drove me to grab a Yummy Lebanese Dinner, gisted me about the Culture of his People, showed me the beautiful road networks of Northern Nigeria’s Largest Commercial City with a 1000year History of Development and Trade.
Saanu Mutumi na. Thanks Brother.
As Long as I remain my Authentic Human Self, Nothing Spoil sha. I’ll never be defined by Material Things or Privilege.
Sometimes step away from your Privilege and Perks and do things like this that remind you of your ordinariness as a mere mortal.
It will teach you Humility, Kindness and Leadership.
You’ll appreciate that your Life & Existence are Gifts.
In Jigawa now, Speak Soon.❤❤✌ #VSFCOVID19Interventions