My dear Family & Friends on Facebook and Social Media.
It’s 9days today since my last Birthday.
You have to forgive me Please. I didn’t forget and I am not ungrateful.You were so kind. I read some of the most unbelievable prose written about this small me from good people from all over the world. For once, I wasn’t sure it was me people eulogised, blessed and thought so highly of.
I received innumerable Birthday wishes and I am profoundly thankful to all of you. My Family. My mentors. My friends. My mentees. My enemies. My acquaintances. My business partners. My work colleagues. My schoolmates at Harvard. My would-be Political associates. My Church. Everyone.
Today also marks 9days since the glass ceiling though with multiple cracks now in it, still held hard and Hillary Clinton lost the US Presidential Elections.
I’m not American but that election meant so much to me. I was gutted by that loss. I am still am devastated.


This photograph of me on the front page of the HARVARD CRIMSON NEWSPAPER encapsulates exactly how I felt that night as I came to terms with the fact that Hillary may never be President despite being over qualified and having worked way too hard for that Job.
My Birthday mates and I had a Birthday party at John Harvards that night but I ended up staying at the JFK Forum of the Harvard Kennedy School for the Election Watch Party and couldn’t move because the results coming in were scary.


My birthday cake was cut without me that night and I wasn’t there to host friends who came to rejoice with me. This cut is deep but there are gains in losing.
Hillary’s loss is a passive instruction to me and other Young girls in the World.
See you all in Public office, in the very near future.
I appreciate the presence of each of you in my Life.
God bless you All. Ese Modupe o. Ire o.
Here’s to you, you and you. You know I love you too.

Toyosi Akerele-Ogunsiji.