Take a close look at these Photos.
The King of Thailand, King Bhumibol Adulyadej passed on at 88years old last week. He ascended the Throne 70 Years ago and he was the world’s longest reigning monarch before his death.
Thai Citizens from up hill and down dale have been paying tribute to his memory with Flowers, Candles and Photographs around Harvard since last week. I’m told the hospital in which he was born is now the Charles Hotel right behind the Taubman Building of Harvard Kennedy School on Mount Auburn Street.
I was particularly inspired by the confession on the Black Tablet under the Wreath that states:


“I may not have come from the greatest Country but I am proud to say that I come from the Country with the greatest King”.

CNN reports that “Some outside the hospital said they didn’t know where else to go for comfort, and many said they had hoped he would live to 120. Many in the crowd prayed, sang the royal anthem and repeatedly shouted, “Long live the king.”

king-of-thailandAs I walked home from School yesterday, I appraised my Life and ruminated under the night’s sky-

  1. As ordinary people, how will people remember us when we’re dead and gone.
  2. As Leaders, how greatly will we feature in the hearts and souls of our citizens after our Passage? Will they miss our absence and celebrate our Lives or will they be indifferent or will they just be glad that one died or would they even curse us in our Graves. How many Leaders will actually be able to rest in Peace?

That we may live our lives in a way that’s remembered for good.
My thoughts are with my Friend and Classmate, Kate Hathirat Long Live the King my dear.