Some Leaders are made, others are Born.
Some are shaped by their Heritage and History. Many are Products of Learning.
Earlier this week, I spent time at the New York State Assembly to fully observe their Legislative Proceedings and see some of their District/Constituency Projects in Albany. I needed to experience their Sound Practices, what they do differently and how Lawmaking strengthens Democratic Systems.

As I have few weeks left before I return to my Home Country, Nigeria, these are the words I will carry with me as Memorabilia from one of the greats of Massachussets and an all time great President of the United States – “A man may die, nations may rise and fall, but an idea lives on – John F. Kennedy”
As I read varying arguments on Biafra and Secession, of Northern Youth issuing statements to the Igbos to quit their Territory, I ponder on this submission as I think about the idea upon which Nigeria was founded, about what makes our unique identities as a Country aside our National Flag and our Football Team. As I am a Citizen of a Country where Leaders think Nothing of Legacies, which Idea of my Great Nation has lived on since 1960 and which will I, Toyosi, bestow upon Successor Generations?
TAOMy People, which of your own Ideas will live On long after you’re gone? #JFKAT100 #WeHaveToBelong