During my time at Harvard, I am focusing on Public Policy, Ethical and Politics, Economic development for emerging Economies, Leadership, Infrastructure Finance & Management, Negotiation and Diplomacy, Operations, Foreign Policy, Combatting Corruption and Social entrepreneurship.
Given that I have a Social Sciences background, the more I study Statistics, Central Limit Theorem, Variance and Standard Deviation, Normal Distribution, P Values, Z scores etc., the more I attend my different classes everyday, the more I appreciate the imperatives and importance of broad based knowledge of almost every sector for People who lead and make decisions for Citizens and Countries.
And then I realise that even superior to the learning is the understanding of the methodology and contextual uniqueness of our Countries and Communities.

Quantitative Analysis
Businesses are Good. Non-Profits and Civil Society are great too but it is the Government that make the Policies upon which the economic and total Development of Nations depend.
A Country is as good or as doomed at the Quality of its Political Representatives and Public Sector Leaders.
We cannot anticipate Development when only few of the people we voted for understand the parameters with which the wealth of nations are to be measured and equitably distributed. Many of our Politicians don’t even know what to do when they get into Office.
I’m thankful to and for Prof. Staş Marian and Prof. Deb Hughes Hallet who took me from Zero to Hero with Quantitative Analysis.