#Osheeeeeeeeeey Keke Napep, Agbada, Fila Abeti Aja and Irukere. Our Culture is EVERYTHING

Kinga Tshering, I see your transformation from that Harvard Hat and Lagos Trek Tshirt into your full Yoruba Royal Regalia.
Awon temi, of our 20 People Delegation, 3 of my Classmates and Friends from Harvard Kennedy School, American Natalie Kostich, Bhutanese Kinga Tshering and Japanese Hikaru Ouchi just got the original Lagos Vibe this morning.
So proud to be showing off my City and Country to the best from all over the Place.
The Nigeria they’ve heard of and the Nigeria they now see are 2 totally different things.
Their testimonies this week emphasizes how much our Government needs to invest in and take tourism more seriously.